How Much Does it Cost to Trademark a Name in 2023?

How Much Does it Cost to Trademark a Name in 2023?

Protecting your trademark is an essential part of preserving the identity of a business, as well as safeguarding it against unauthorized use. Figuring out how much you’ll have to spend for this purpose can be confusing though – which is why we’ve put together an informative guide on “what’s the cost involved in trademarking a name”. We hope our insights and tips will help safeguard your intellectual property without overspending!

Short Summary

  • Understanding the trademark registration process is essential to ensure protection of intellectual property.
  • The cost associated with filing for a trademark vary depending on several factors and can be paid via multiple methods.
  • Strategies such as registering trademarks at the state level, conducting preliminary searches before filing an application, and submitting filings electronically can help reduce costs while still protecting your business name.

Understanding the Trademark Registration Process

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The trademark process is a necessary step in establishing your business identity and protecting intellectual property, such as by registering the company name. This includes conducting an extensive search to make sure no other existing trademarks conflict with yours, confirming that the desired business name can be used and filing for registration via TEAS (Trademark Electronic Application System). Federal protection will cover this trademark for 10 years.

Registering at the federal level through the US typically costs between $250-$750 but it’s worth it – if not done properly you could face legal action in court due to infringement of another’s trademarks which would be damaging both financially and reputation-wise so ensuring full coverage by going through all steps of registration correctly is essential.

Breakdown of Trademark Filing Fees

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Trademark registration filing fees are dependent on a few key factors including the fee for each mark, applicable classes it covers, jurisdiction of filing and type of application. With attorney costs also factored in. There are two kinds of federal trademark applications that offer protection – TEAS Plus and TEAS Standard – which can be submitted via online through the TEAS platform or by check/money order, credit/debit cards, deposit accounts or electronic funds transfer (EFT) /wire transfer modes. In order to have an adequate budget understanding when registering your business name with trademarks, it is essential to take into account all possible expenses involved, even those required after successful federal trademark registration is achieved, such as regular payment charges. All this will assist you picking out the most suitable option financially and practically for paying fees related to safeguarding your registered trade-mark(s).

Online Application Fees

The USPTO’s TEAS system is a great way to register your business name through a relatively inexpensive trademark application. Filing the paperwork online begins at $250 and goes up to $350 for each class, which is more cost-effective than filing via paper form. Submitting electronically also streamlines the entire process of protecting one’s intellectual property and makes it much simpler compared with other methods available for obtaining trademarks.

Paper Application Fees

Trademark registration through the TEAS system is cost-effective and offers convenience. Paper applications are still an option with a heftier price of $750 per class for goods or services. This can make obtaining trademark protection for your business name quite expensive. Because of these added costs and more complex paperwork involved, it’s best to go with online filing as opposed to submitting via mail which will expedite the process while also saving you money in comparison.

Maintaining Your Trademark

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Trademark fees from $100 to $1,250 must be paid in order to keep your trademark valid. You have to file a Declaration of Use and/or Excusable Nonuse during the 5th-6th year after registration as well as an Application for Renewal between 9th-10th years after it was registered. This way you can preserve rights related to protecting your business name’s trademark. The USPTO sends e-mail reminders so that crucial deadlines are not missed, if everything is organized properly and appropriate filings submitted on time then it will ensure ongoing protection of your mark.

Additional Expenses to Consider

The registration of a trademark involves more costs than just the initial application. This includes choosing an appropriate class, creating a trademark sketch and registering it internationally. To provide Clarity on these extra expenses related to securing protected rights for trademarks, we will explain them in greater detail below.

Apart from the original filing process for obtaining registered protection with regards to markings, various other activities may be required such as selecting a suitable classification category that would best describe your product or service while also drawing up an emblematic design before making international filings too so all bases are covered when patenting marks specifically meant for commercial usage purposes.

Choosing the Right Trademark Class

When applying for a trademark, it is important to understand what a trademark class entails. These categories are used to identify the various goods or services associated with each registered mark and can help protect your intellectual property rights in all aspects of your business activities. Depending on the scope of operations, you may need to include more than one class when filing an application. This will result in higher fees as they double for every extra classification chosen. It’s vital that you accurately select appropriate classes so that financial resources aren’t wasted unnecessarily and full protection is provided throughout your organization.

Preparing Your Trademark Drawing

Having a professional drawing of your trademark is an important part of the application process for registering with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). Two types, standard character drawings and stylized form illustrations, are needed to meet their requirements. The cost can vary from $250-750 depending on complexity, but it’s essential in getting approval for your mark. It’s good practice to budget for this expense or consider seeking help if necessary so that everything meets the patent office’s criteria correctly.

International Trademark Registration

Protecting your business name with trademark registration in the 80 nations that make up the Madrid Protocol is a valuable asset for any online company. The TEAS system charges $100 per classification of trademarks and offers significant protection against infringement of identity internationally. Investment into internationalizing one’s trademark could be an important step to shielding businesses from others stealing their unique brand within our interconnected world today, making this decision potentially very worthwhile indeed!

Hiring a Trademark Attorney

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Employing a trademark lawyer can be beneficial during the registration process and prevent potential issues. Hiring such an expert for doing preliminary research as well as filing applications may cost you from $500 up to $2,000. The entire procedure including all necessary paperwork and fees usually range from around $600 to about 3 thousand dollars.

There is also a more economical option available which comes in form of legal services like LegalZoom that provide flat-rate service per class when it’s time for making initial trademarks at only USPTO costs starting at just under 200 bucks.

Reducing Trademark Costs

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To minimize trademark costs while still ensuring appropriate legal protection of your business name, consider several strategies. Registering a mark at the state level can be an economical way to go if you’re running primarily in one area as it offers safeguard within that region but not beyond its borders. To save even more money and time, hire a trademark attorney who will carry out a preliminary search before officially filing for registration. This helps identify any potential issues beforehand, which reduces future hassle considerably. By taking advantage of electronic filings instead of paper-based ones, it is possible to substantially cut back on costs overall without sacrificing assurance when protecting your trade marks rights.


Gaining an understanding of the registration process and associated trademark costs, such as selecting a class for protection or obtaining international coverage, can help you financially plan in advance so that any unexpected surprises are avoided. With strategies like state filing and online submissions, your business name’s valuable intellectual property will have robust safeguarding while keeping those all-important trademark expenses down to a minimum. Secure yourself with confidence knowing you have both the wisdom and tools necessary to secure your brand identity through effective trademark registration.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to trademark a name or logo?

The price of trademarking a name or logo usually ranges from $275-$660, and may include other fees for using an attorney or filing service. It is important to research all the available forms offered by USPTO before proceeding with your application as they differ in cost. In any case, it is vital to take into account not only the upfront costs but also potential legal expenses associated with trademarks too.

What is the cheapest way to trademark a name?

For individuals or small businesses, the most budget-friendly route to trademark a name is filing for registration with the USPTO. Through online forms, you can apply and take advantage of potential discounts offered on fees – typically about $225. Keep in mind that when opting for this option, all essential details must be included so as to safeguard your trademark rights.

Is filing a trademark worth it?

Filing for trademark registration is an important step to take in order to guard one’s intellectual property from unlawful use. By investing time and effort into the process, you are likely to receive stronger protections that come with trademarks as well as be eligible for legal damages if infringed upon. This will ultimately save money and emotional strain down the line by making sure your unique mark has been documented properly. Trademarking can offer greater security to any creative work or product, so it is a worthwhile endeavour all around!

How long do trademarks last?

Trademarks last indefinitely as long as the owner uses them in commerce. Generally, U.S. trademark registration is valid for 10 years, and needs to be renewed every 10 years thereafter to stay active.

Between the fifth and sixth year after registration, a renewal affidavit must be filed with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) to prove continued use of the mark.

How much does it cost to trademark a name in 2023?

When considering trademarking your business name in 2023, be sure to allocate an appropriate budget. Costs of securing a US trademark can range from $250-$750.

It is crucial for any company to register their brand’s protection so that no one else can use it – guaranteeing exclusive rights over the logo and/or title. Thus having the funds available for this process is paramount.