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Navigating the terrain of trademarks shouldn’t be complex. At Better Trademark, we’ve simplified the process for you. Discover, research, and understand trademarks from across the United States, all under one comprehensive platform.

Making Trademark Search Better

With an extensive collection of millions of trademark records, Better Trademark offers an easy-to-use and reliable trademark search engine. From brand names, logos, to phrases – explore the extensive depths of trademarked materials that shape the commercial landscape of the United States.

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Our search engine is built with the latest AI technology, ensuring that your search is not just a simple keyword scan. It understands context, appreciates complexity, and gets smarter with every search. Dive into our database and explore with confidence, knowing that you’re using one of the most sophisticated trademark search tools available.

Data Integrity is Our Promise

We understand the importance of accuracy in the world of trademarks. With our daily updates and stringent data validation processes, you can trust our database to provide the most current and accurate trademark information.

Empower Your Decisions

At Better Trademark, we believe that good decisions are based on good data. Our detailed trademark records include status updates, owner information, legal events, and related trademarks, equipping you with comprehensive information to make informed decisions.

Unleash Your Creativity

Looking for inspiration? Use our database to explore trademarks from various industries and find the spark for your next great idea. By understanding the current trademark landscape, you can unleash your creativity in a way that’s legally sound and commercially appealing.

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Start your trademark journey with us. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, a creative professional, a law firm, or a multinational corporation, Better Trademark is your go-to resource for US trademark searches. Let’s make trademark search better together.

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What is Better Trademark?

Better Trademark is a comprehensive US trademark search database. It allows you to search and explore millions of trademark records, including brand names, logos, phrases, and more. Our platform is designed to help users make informed decisions in the world of trademarks.

How often is the trademark database updated?

Our database is updated daily to ensure that our users have access to the most current and accurate trademark information.

How can Better Trademark help my business?

Better Trademark can help you identify whether a trademark is available, understand the trademarks of competitors, or find inspiration for your next brand development. This can save you time and resources in the early stages of trademark registration.

What kind of information can I find for each trademark record?

Each record in our database includes comprehensive details such as trademark status, owner information, legal events, registration date, and related trademarks.

Can I use Better Trademark to register a trademark?

Better Trademark is a search tool, not a registration service. However, by providing comprehensive trademark information, it can significantly assist your registration process.

Is Better Trademark free to use?

Yes! Better Trademark is completely free to use.